The following are letters of support and endorsement for citizenship

Lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats all

U.S. Senators
Patty Murray (D-WA) and
Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

U.S. House Representative Congressman Doc Hastings (R-WA)

Washington legislators Curtis King (R-WA), Charles Ross (R-WA), and Norm Johnson (R-WA)

State Representative Charles Ross (R-WA) (separate individual letter)

Friends and Neighbors

Charlie Hines, Fire Chief, Yakima Fire Department

Jeanette Otto, INS Adjudicator and Supervisor

James Blackhart, First Sergeant, US Army

A.D. Choudary, Professor Emeritus, Central Washington University

Peter Bohmer, Professor, The Evergreen State College

Rev. Jim Erixson, First Presbyterian Church of Yakima

Harley Drollinger, Retired WWII Bombardier

Trevor Duncan, Business Manager

Deepak Dhruva, Pharmacist

Chester Ferguson, President, WA State Professional Beekeepers Association, Entrepreneur, Thinker and Philosopher

Pat Drollinger, Concerned Citizen

Abdul Khan, Engineer

Judy Lebans, Chaplain, Priest and Religious Leader

Carrie Larson, Dear friend of 40+ years

Arland Hurd, Veteran US Navy; Active Duty — Operation Desert Watch

Don Ide, WWII Veteran

Lloyd Larson, Vietnam Veteran; heavy duty diesel mechanic

Lonnie Morgan, City of Yakima and President Lion’s Club

Marcos Larios, US Federal Guard and US Army Veteran

Brandon Waldbauer, son, Construction Carpenter

Lynn Morgan, Community Organizer and Volunteer

Phyllis Paxton, Orchardist and business owner

Vicki Larios, Registered Nurse

Bill Razey, Engineer, Volunteer Firefighter, Teacher, Organic Farmer

Billy & Sally Robins, Office holders, Vietnam Veterans of America

Jem Rockholt, Concerned Citizen & Enlightened Soul

Robert Paxton, US Navy Veteran

Cindy Rockholt, Teacher

Mary Kay Razey, Organic Farmer

Shelly Price, Mother & Concerned Citizen

Tim Price,Technical Manager

Aislinn Waldbauer, daughter & Sandwich Shop Manager

Caroline Sundquist, Retired Event Planner and Fundraiser, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital

Donna Smith, Teacher

Farhana Satti, Community Organizer, Volunteer, & Concerned Citizen

Jeff Siddiqui, President, American Muslims of Puget Sound

Kathryn Russell, Retired, Former Child Development Director, U.S. Navy, ASU Bahrain

Carole Willey, Community Activist and Legislative Activity Organizer & Coordinator

Support letter from Heidi Community Organizer and Founder Social Justice Organizations

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