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October 14, 2014: US Supreme Court shies away from redeeming & cleansing Light of Rights & Justice for All : denies hearing appeal (writ certiorari).   See Updates page for peaceful vigil in Seattle on October 20, 2014.


August, 2014: Multiple requests to file writ certiorari under U.S. Supreme Court’s own Rule 40, Veterans, Seamen, and Military Cases, was denied without reason.   Zahid clearly and obviously meets all the criteria under Rule 40 to file a writ certiorari on standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper.  As this was denied without reason and after many months of formatting changes, U.S.Supreme Court accepted writ certiorari in booklet format.  The case number is 14-215.  People around the World, Advocates for Justice, Chaudhrys and family, friends, community members and supporters look forward to Supreme Court Justices bringing a favorable decision any moment.  America’s reputation for eventual justice and legacy hinges on a quick, favorable decision.

The U.S. Supreme Court receives about 10,000 petitions every year.  Only a very, very few selected ones, less than 1 percent (60-90) are accepted and heard.  Many attorneys and lawyers never get this far in their legal proceedings.  Zahid’s monumental writ certiorari pro se (without “legal” representation) has been accepted.  Watch for link to be added to read this historic writ.


MAY 8, 2014: Chaudhry refiles Motion to Reconsider to File Under U.S. Supreme Court Rule 40, Veterans, Seamen, and Military Cases.

See link below for May 8, 2014 filing Motion to Reconsider:

Motion to Reconsider Vet Status, May



 April 30, 2014:  U.S. Supreme Court clerk returns Mr. Chaudhry’s Objection to Denial to Proceed on Veteran Status and Motion to Reconsider with no explanation or reason or answers to the questions. The returned documents look as if something has been spilled on them, corners/edges have been clipped.  Included in the envelope is a copy of Scott S. Harris’ April 21, 2014 denial (see link below titled: “US Supreme Court clerk denies Veteran Status filing”).



See below link for Mr. Chaudhry’s Objection to Denial to Proceed on Veteran Status and Motion to Reconsider, mailed 24 April, 2014:

Chaudhry’s Objection and Motion Reconsider to file as Veteran



April 21, 2014:

US Supreme Court denies Muhammad Chaudhry from filing under RULE 40 – Veterans, Seamen, and Military Cases.

See link below from ‘clerk,’ Scott S. Harris

US Supreme court clerk denies Veteran Status filing



MARCH 2014: The first link below is the US Supreme Court filing.  This includes the separate, Motion for Leave to File on Veteran Status, and the writ which includes all case citations, questions, arguments, conclusion, etc.

The second link below are the Appendices that accompanied the US Supreme Court filing.

writ certiorari and Motion to File as Veteran Status

writ apppendix section


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