Not So “FINAL” Final final Hearing

7 Nov

Another monkey-wrench from ICE attorney delays “final” FINAL decision again and clearly shows waste, fraud and abuse of “We the People’s” taxpayer dollars.

Are ICE attorneys creating work for themselves? Are ICE attorneys worried about being out of work?

July 17th, 2017 was supposed to be final hearing, but ICE attorneys (Yes, attorneys plural, since ICE attorneys are over generously funded and getting paid by “We the People’s money”, ICE always in this case had more than one attorney) threw monkey wrenches, lengthened and stretched out the frivolous & irrelevant questioning so that others would not have any time left that day to provide supporting testimony.

Then October 16th was final hearing, ICE attorneys threw other monkey wrenches to stop the judge from giving a decision.

Then it was supposed to be the final, FINAL hearing at 8:30 am (meaning people had to get up at 4am to make the very long drive through very bad traffic and parking problems), November 7th (2017) and the Judge would make his decision known. But wait, even though ICE attorney (Mr. Bakkon) stated on the record that Mr Chaudhry has ‘perfected’ his forms & claims several weeks ago, and Bakkon admitted that he can see it in the system, he was still waiting for a report. Gallery audience & spectators were shocked. Judge saw the faces of spectators and rushed out of the room saying he will get everyone out and clear the court room. Then Security guards came into the room & told everyone to get out of the court.

After the spectators were all removed from the courtroom, the Judge came back in & Re-started the proceedings to hear ICE attorneys’ excuses. Judge told the ICE Attorneys (senior Counsel Mr Bakkon & Mr. Brent Campbell) that he might just give his decision contingent upon receiving the report. Judge told & reminded the ICE attorneys AGAIN that Mr Chaudhry is in wheelchair and it is not easy for Chaudhrys to make arrangements & make this long journey again & again, in addition to that Mr Chaudhry has an entourage of people with him who come from near & far & who have to take time-off from the busy lives and work. Judge also said, If you (ICE attorneys) were not ready, your could have informed all the parties several days ago and so many people would not have to make this trip.

Common courtesy might have urged Bakkon to contact all the parties (judge, Chaudhry & their attorney) even last week (since the judge gave ICE attorneys nearly a month when they asked for a week to finish their work back in October hearing) to say that they would not be ready for the hearing on the 7th of November. Judge had to specifically and repeatedly ask ICE attorneys by what date would they have completed their side of work. Bakkon could not indicate to Judge when Bakkon expected completion, perhaps by Friday this week? Judge said he is not getting Chaudhrys here again this week or the next week so that you (ICE attorneys) can repeat your excuses again !

Then ICE attorneys said maybe in some longer frame of times to be sure? Or hopefully in a month?
Judge really had enough of ICE attorneys unacceptable behavior and delays by this time and started looking for available dates on his calendar for this matter’s final decision.

Result: Delays once again “CAUSED by” ICE attorneys.

Now “final” hearing is moved to 1 pm, March 12, 2018 (just to make sure ICE attorneys have enough time) !

Even though the court room was cleared of all supporters, there’s no fooling the taxpayers. This is WASTE, Fraud and ABUSE of generously provided “We the People’s” taxpayers dollars by ICE attorneys.

Yet another text book example of “DDD – Delay, Deny & Deport” behavior from secret CARRP policy manual !

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